Photography is an intensely personal artistic activity for me, a chance to express myself and to try and convey the connection I have with the subject, be that the natural landscape, a cityscape or a still life. While I’ve taken photographs for many years, starting off fumbling in the dark, quite literally, developing and printing black and white film, I find I am more drawn to the process of making the image than ever. As a geologist, exploration of landscape, its many overlapping layers modified over immense periods of time and humankind’s influence on that landscape, resonates particularly deeply with me. I work mainly, though not exclusively in monochrome – I like the inherently surreal nature of monochrome photography and the artistic process involved from the taking of the initial photograph through to the final ‘print’. In the digital world, photography has increasingly become influenced by social media, though at times it seems as if the desire for ‘likes’, ‘Explore’ or ‘Popular’ may have become a substitute for taking the time to appreciate an image. So, while I still update my photostreams, much of my more recent work will be found as portfolios on this site so thank-you very much indeed for taking the time to stumble across it.

Leicestershire, England, 2018.