This website started as a way for me to record the various fly patterns that I tie together with occasional musings on fly fishing trips. I’m lucky enough to live within a stone’s throw of Eyebrook reservoir, a superb trout fishery and a Site of Special Scientific Interest on the Rutland-Leicestershire border. When the chance presents itself, I also like to fish for wild brown trout in both lochs and rivers.

I’ve tied flies for over 20 years, though I’m no expert and am on a continuous learning curve. The flies I tie are sometimes of my own design but more often variations and adaptations of well-known patterns. While I obviously hope the flies I tie will catch fish, fly tying itself gives me tremendous satisfaction as a creative art in its own right.

My other passion is photography and I’m gradually consolidating the images I have scattered around the web onto this site. Every now and then I actually manage to take a photograph that makes me feel like I know what I’m doing. I work mainly, though not exclusively in monochrome – I like the inherently surreal nature of monochrome photography and the artistic process involved from the taking of the initial photograph through to the final ‘print’.

Important license information

I work in higher education and will provide images for educational purposes as long as permission is sought and appropriate credit is given.

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